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Periodontics is all about taking care of the stuff supporting your teeth: your gums, your bones, and yep, you! We have a wide variety of services in place to make sure your smile is looking as fantastic as it should. Even better, our top of the line sedation will ensure a stress-free experience.

Marble Surface



Forget bridges and dentures. Your smile has a new secret weapon. Dental implants are a great way to fill up any gaps in your smile, without the annoyance & embarrassment of those other methods. Available in single tooth, multiple teeth, or whole mouth options. Keep reading to see how the magic happens.​

By sliding a sturdy titanium base into your gums, we can create a comfy home for your new tooth or teeth. Then, because bones are fascinating and awesome, your bones will fuse together with the base. This gives you the strongest and most reliable support for your implant(s) that you could possibly hope for. All that's left is to get your tooth or teeth ready! We'll work closely with you to ensure your new additions look exactly as you want - a perfect match for your existing teeth. We'd be surprised if anyone ever noticed the difference. We'll connect the tooth or teeth to the titanium base(s), and you'll be ready to walk out with a confident, beautiful smile.


Remember how I told you about the bone-base fusing earlier? That super strong connection means you're implant is going to be set for a long, long time. And the base isn't the only strong player in this game. The teeth we use are designed to last a lifetime - just make sure you're brushing and flossing!​

You're great. This is a fact. There's no reason that missing teeth should leave you feeling insecure about how awesome you really are. Implants are specifically designed to be natural and unnoticeable. So go on - bring confidence back into your smile.

When you're eating a delicious meal, chances are you want to be chewing your food, not your dentures. But with slippery dentures moving around in your mouth, you'll be focused on keeping your teeth in place, rather than enjoying your grub. Implants are sturdy and not going anywhere, meaning you're free to savor your food stress-free. And if you decide to still chew with your mouth open, well, that's totally your choice.​

No one wants to feel like their teeth are slipping and sliding around in their mouth. With dentures, you can never be totally certain that the darn things are going to stay in place when you need them to - like, say, when you're talking with a certain pretty lady or handsome gentleman. Implants won't move in your mouth, leaving you free to be your best and most charming self for that special someone.


Dental Implants



Stress. Anxiety. Worry. Leave it at the bank. We're making the dentist's office a place of relaxation, a zen retreat for your teeth. Through the expert use of blissful meds, we can transport you to a place of peace as we work our magic. Dr. Pino studied long and hard to ensure your sedation is absolutely safe. Keep reading to find out more about your new secret to dental happiness.

First things first, we'll sit down with you to cover your medical history. This is a super important step, as it allows everyone involved to be absolutely sure that your body will react how we expect it to during sedation. We'll also chat about why you're interested in receiving sedation - we do our best to make dentistry as un-scary as possible for everyone, and a big part of that is talking through your fears. That way, we can adjust our service to best serve your needs.​




When you come in for your treatment, we will administer the medicine intravenously. You can simply sit back and relax, because the next thing you know, the procedure will be over! Although you'll remain conscious for the duration, the medicine makes it so you remember very little, if anything, of what goes on. It's like fast forwarding through the unpleasant bits, leaving you free to get on with your day.



After the surgery, you'll probably feel fairly woozy and out of it. It's pretty much necessary to have someone who can give you a ride until you're feeling more awake. However, the medicine we use has what's called a "short half-life," meaning it will clear out of your system more quickly than some other sedatives. You'll be back to your normal self in a flash.



Sedation Dentistry



From gingival surgery to PAOO, our periodontal services have one thing in common: they provide you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Take a look to see which procedure is best for your needs.



Have your gums receded, revealing more and more of your teeth - or perhaps even your roots? Not to worry, gingival gum surgery is the solution for you. By carefully extending your gum line, we can not only save you from potential damage to the underlying bones, we'll also give you a more natural looking smile.



Deep pockets that form around your teeth are party central for large colonies of bacteria. And although bacteria are a good and natural part of a healthy mouth, concentrated collections can be a disaster. By filling up those pockets with osseous surgery, we can eliminate the bacterial hiding spot, creating a more natural oral environment.



Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, I have a really gummy smile"? If so, crown lengthening may be just the procedure for you. By reshaping your gums with an artful touch, we can create a new gum line that allows more of your pearly whites to shine through.



Sometimes decay can get deep down into your gumline, which can cause some serious issues. By lengthening your troubled tooth, we can give ourselves more space to work with. Once we have a little more room, we'll get your crown restorations in place on a sound, solid structure.



Although our bodies do an amazing job of creating a sturdy space for our teeth to grow, sometimes their aim is just a bit off. Guided tissue and bone regeneration helps steer the ship in the right direction. This way, we can shape a better, more structurally sound home for your teeth.


Let's be honest - braces are really lame. Not only are they painful and awkward, they take forever to work properly. PAOO is an awesome procedure that nudges your teeth into place more quickly. What does that mean for you? Six to nine month treatment time in braces - 66% less time than average!

Periodontal Services



Most people understand that yearly dental checkups are super important. You are going once a year to see your regular dentist for a checkup, right? But did you know that it's also a good idea to visit your periodontist at least once a year as well? Comprehensive periodontal evaluations give the team here an opportunity to ensure your gums, bones, and teeth are in tip top shape. And should there be anything amiss, frequent visits help us catch the problem area before it becomes a nasty nuisance.

What happens during my evaluation?

Dr. Pino and the team will be looking at 5 key things during your evaluation:

- Your Gums

Since this is a periodontal examination, it makes sense that we would want to take a nice close look at your gums. We'll be looking at a lot of elements here, including how well your gums connect to your teeth, how deep your gum "pockets" are, and any redness, swelling, or bleeding.

- Your Teeth

Duh! Much like at the general dentist, we'll be checking your teeth. We're mainly interested in things like how your teeth are situated in your mouth and their position compared to one another, but we're also interested in seeing how much plaque is in there (fingers crossed for none). We'll also take a close look at any extra goodies you have in your mouth, such as dental implants.

- Your Bones

Believe it or not, the bones in and around your mouth play a huge role in your general oral health. Using both physical examinations and x-rays, we can get a good feel for how your bones are holding up and for any problem areas that might cause issues later.

- Your Bite

Occlusion is the fancy word for this, but it's essentially just the way the top and bottom halves of your mouth fit together. We'll take a close look at the amount (if any) your teeth move around when you're biting down and if they hit evenly.  These are indicators of periodontal disease and accelerated bone loss.

- Your Risk Factors -

Periodontics (and, really, all modern medicine) is much more than just fixing things after they go wrong. Preventative care - that is, finding root causes of problems that would have been an issue down the line and nipping them in the bud before they get a chance to wreak havoc - allows us to save you time, money, and pain in the future. We'll chat with you about those things that you can change (and some you can't).

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